Top 7 Reasons Play Live Dealer Casinos

1 Peace of Mind

Simply, seeing a real dealer dealing your cards or spinning the Roulette wheel removes any fear you might have in the back of your mind that the online jacpot city casino is somehow rigging the game and scamming you out of your cash deposit.

While all reputable online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) that are independently tested and certified, operate in licensed jurisdictions and may be well known, publicly traded companies, there can still be a lingering distrust. LIVE DEALER CASINOS free you of that worry as you see everything, as it happens, LIVE via video feed. This is where high rollers come to play because they never worry about the honesty of a live dealer casino game.

2 The Thrill of Live Action

Everything is better LIVE. Online, virtual casino games are fun (as millions of players around the world know) but throw in LIVE DEALERS on video feed to the game and you have a perfect match. By incorporating real, live dealers and letting you see every move, deal or spin, makes your time at the table nothing short of exciting.

3 Professional Dealers

When you play live dealer casino games online you are served by professional casino dealers. Trained, experienced – and sociable – professional dealers add to your excitement and enjoyment and beat Random Number Generators hands-down.

4 Beautiful Dealers

It just so happens that the professional dealers all happen to be gorgeous. Most are beautiful women and the male dealers tend to fit into the “tall, dark and handsome” category. Most Live Dealer Casino sites have dealer profile pages you should check out so you know what I mean. Coincidence or not, the beautiful dealers are a very nice touch.

5 You’re More than Just a Number

When you play with live dealers online you’re treated like a real, live person rather than a completely anonymous account number. The dealers are sociable and you can chat with them via I.M. if you like. There’s definitely a personal touch when you play online casinos with live dealers.

6 Naturally Paced Game Play

Playing with live dealers offers the most natural gaming pace that can extend your play time. You can only make “decisions” when the game allows which means fewer decisions per gaming session. It’s all too easy when playing Random Number Generators to fall into a pattern of rapid wagering. It’s easier to relax when you play live dealer casinos.

7 Simple and Intuitive

Live dealer casino software is very easy to install and is simple and intuitive to play. You will need a broadband internet connection to play but the technology is so sophisticated you’ll find it as easy to play as any online casino software. Live dealer casino software is designed with the user’s experience in mind and they’ve done an excellent job of it.