Petition to save WRAS reaches 5,000 signatures in less than 36 hours!

Tuesday morning’s announcement of a Georgia Public Broadcasting takeover of the previously student-run radio station at Georgia State University, WRAS Atlanta 88.5 FM, was met with significant backlash almost immediately.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, along with local Atlanta print, radio and television media, helped to create a powerful opposition presence practically overnight. A petition was created Tuesday night and in less than 36 hours has reached more than 5,000 signatures from Georgia State students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as Atlanta-area fans and supporters of the station.

The petition calls upon Georgia State officials to reconsider the agreement made with GPB in secret, behind the backs of the WRAS student management and the Committee for Student Communications:

We ask that Georgia State University reconsider its deal with Georgia Public Broadcasting that would, in June 2014, eliminate all original student-made daytime content on celebrated Atlanta college radio station WRAS in exchange for a GPB simulcast of nationally syndicated NPR programming.

Similar calls for more transparency and the inclusion of the student leaders were echoed in statements from the student newspaper, The Signal:

We strongly support the push to give independent control to the students again and allow WRAS to renegotiate the contract with GPB.

And from 10 alumni who were previous student leaders at WRAS, The Signal and GSTV:

If Georgia State is interested in a true partnership between the students and Georgia Public Broadcasting, one that includes a meaningful dialogue between all parties involved, it must scrap this dishonestly created arrangement and renegotiate in good faith.

Continue to check back here at for more updates, and please continue to use the appropriate hashtags to encourage fans to sign the petition and make the appropriate phone calls! Let’s get to 10,000!