Online Slot Most Common Myths

slots myths

As in other famous casino games, there are some myth circling around the slot machines. And like most myth they have evolved out of misconceptions and novice casino games players. Surprisingly, some of those myths are so rooted in that they are considered to be slot machine facts. Believing in those imaginable stories can only get in your way of winning big money in slot machines.

One slot machine myth is that there is a different between playing the slots in a regular casino and between playing slots in an online casino. Some will tell you that you more chance of winning in an online casino slot machine and some will tell otherwise.

The truth is the there is no different! Both old-fashion casino slot machine and online casino slot machine uses the same mechanism in order to generate the result which you see on the slot machine slot. Both old-fashion casino and online casino uses a system called RNG which stands for Random Number Generator. Play an online casino slot machine may be more conferrable and more fun for you, however, you will have the same chance of hitting the jack pot in an online casino as in an old-fashion casino.

Another common slot machine myth is that there are “winning turns”. It happened to every one however played the slots: you decide to stop playing and the player which replaced you hit the jackpot and you think to yourself that if I have just kept playing this jackpot would be mine.

The truth is that there are such things as “winning terns”. You don’t have to play for a considerable amount of time in order to win. You have exactly the same chance to win the first time you pull the slot the machine as the next one. This means that if you are filing lucky you may win from the beginning.

The most common slot machine myth is that the casino is cheating and had altered the system in order to keep its winning.

Well, the casino doesn’t have to do anything to the slot machine. The house will always have the edge (a significant one) in any one of its casino games. Even if the casino manager got greedy and he (or she) wants to downsize your winning chances to zero then he wouldn’t be able to do that.

The slot machines are not manufacture by the casino. The casino gets the slot machine form the manufacture “as is”. The same goes for online casino slot machines. Online casino sites don’t build the casino games software by them self because, among other reason, one tiny mistake and they can lose the edge.

Slot machines belong to the group of casino games which depends mainly on luck. You may follow some basic tips in order the have a better understanding of the game and have fun but they wouldn’t help you winning. The only proved way to win is to just keep playing.